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Microgen® Staph latex test

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A rapid test for the identification and confirmation of Staphylococcus
aureus colonies grown on selective solid media.
Two of the traditional diagnostic tests for S. aureus, the tube and slide coagulase tests, only detect the activity of a characteristic coagulase enzyme. However, these tests can be difficult to interpret and are liable to suffer from false positive results associated with non-specific factors frequently found in plasma. Non-specific coagulation due to
other bacterial enzymes may also occur. However, 99% of S. aureus isolates also produce detectable levels of protein A on their surface, a characteristic which can be used to differentiate S. aureus from other species of Staphylococci in which this protein is rare.

Microgen® Staph is a sensitive and specific latex agglutination for the identification of S. aureus which overcomes the problems associated with
the traditional tests by detecting both coagulase and protein A, offering rapid and accurate identification of S. aureus in 2 minutes. Microgen®
Staph contains all ancillary reagents needed to complete the test and is suitable for clinical, food and environmental laboratories.

Staphylococcus spp. occur as commensal organisms on the mucous membranes and skin of humans. However, Staphylococcus aureus can be responsible for a wide range of pyogenic infections including superficial suppurative lesions, food poisoning and toxic shock, as well as a variety of other conditions. It is therefore one of the most important pathogens regularly encountered in the laboratory. Due to the frequency and importance of Staphylococcal infection a rapid and accurate diagnosis is needed for correct patient management, especially as resistance to numerous common antibiotics has been shown.
Also available separately is the Staph latex control reagent (product code M43CCE), helping to reinforce the accuracy and reliability of the Microgen® Staph rapid test.

Microgen® Staph - for the identification of Staphylococcus aureus from primary plate culture. Detects coagulase (clumping factor) and protein A. M43CE 100 tests Rp1.568.000,00
Microgen® Staph - 500 test version of M43CE M433CE 500 tests Rp5.331.000,00
Microgen® Staph Control Reagent for use with M43CE/M433CE. M43CCE 5ml Rp411.000,00

M43CCE 5mlRp 411.000
M433CE 500 testsRp 5.331.000
M43CE 100 testsRp 1.568.000
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Microgen® Staph latex test

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Microgen® Staph latex test

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