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Microgen® Legionella rapid

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Kategori Biochemical Identification Kits

A rapid latex agglutination test providing results in two minutes directly from a selective medium for the confirmatory identification of:
• Legionella pneumophila Serogroup 1 and Serogroup 2-15
• Non-L. pneumophila species of clinical significance grown on selective media.

The Microgen® Legionella rapid test is suitable for organisms derived from patients with suspected Legionella pneumonia or from environmental
• Integrates into laboratory work flow improving efficiency
• Requires no special equipment or training
• 100% Specificity and Sensitivity compared to traditional culture methods
• Detects Legionella pneumophila Serogroup 1 and 2-15, together with 10 of the most clinically relevant species
• Compliant with ISO 11731 Water Quality –Detection and enumeration of Legionella
• Individual reagents may be purchased separately

The latexes used in Microgen® Legionella are coated with immunoglobulins which have been specially processed to minimize issues with potentially cross reacting organisms thereby eliminating the need for a control latex.
Microgen® Legionella pneumophila identifies a range of non-L. pneumophila species of clinical significance with high specificity and no crossreaction with L. pneumophila.

Detects the following species:
• L. pneumophila Serogroup 1 and 2-15
• L. micdadei
• L. bozemanii I & II
• L. dumoffii
• L. longbeachae I & II
• L. jordanis
• L. gormanii
• L. anisa
• L. feelei

Microgen® Legionella -for identifying Legionella pneumophila grown on selective medium. Identifies L. pneumophila Serogroup 1 and Serogroup 2-15. Also contains group latex for 10 other pathogenic species. M45CE 50 tests Rp3.166.000,00
Legionella 1 Latex reagent M45A 2.5ml Rp1.026.000,00
Legionella 2-15 latex reagent M45B 2.5ml Rp1.026.000,00
Legionella Positive Control reagent M45C 1ml Rp1.026.000,00
Legionella Species latex reagent M45D 2.5ml Rp1.488.000,00

M45A 2.5mlRp 1.026.000
M45B 2.5mlRp 1.026.000
M45C 1mlRp 1.026.000
M45D 2.5mlRp 1.488.000
M45CE 50 testsRp 3.166.000
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Microgen® Legionella rapid

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Microgen® Legionella rapid

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