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Macrogen offers an oligo synthesis service on various scales using high-quality raw materials and an optimized process. The synthesized oligos are used in various biology and medical fields such as DNA sequencing, PCR, SNP study, gene synthesis, NGS service, qPCR service, biochip and siRNA expression.

All processes of the oligo service of Macrogen including synthesis, purification and dispensing are performed by automated equipment, which enables more accurate dispensing, and a more convenient test environment is provided based on the standardized service.

It is possible to monitor the entire process from online order to oligo synthesis, confirmation of results, and delivery with Macrogen’s own Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

- Automatically perform the entire process of composition using the latest synthesis device from LGC(USA)
- Combine one oligonucleotide through the repeated four steps of Deblocking > Coupling > Mapping > Oxidation
- Performing a refining process to remove the non-uniquely coupled oligonucleotide after the synthesis is completed

Modification Type
- Prepare 70 different types of Non Fluorescent & Fluorescent dee Modifications

Strict Quality Control
- Conduct MALDI-TOF inspection of all Oligo produced
- Fully Q/C shipped and shipped

Lead time & Order
- Standard Oligo 1 Business Day and Modified Oligo 3-5 Business Days(excluding Delivery Time)
- You can check the order, manufacture, refining, fractionation, QC, composite results, and delivery details using LIMS
- Available for PCR, Sequencing, SNP Analysis, Mutation Study, siRNA Study, etc.

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