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D1524R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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Kategori RNA Extraction and Purification

• Ergonomic electronic lock design, the centrifuge lid can be closed with single finger touch
• Precooling, the compressor will automatically start cooling as long as the set temperature is lower than the ambient temperature.
• Sound indicator to prompt that the upper cover is closed to maintain the temperature inside the chamber, after centrifugation.
• Advanced R290 fluorine free refrigerant, low carbon and environmental protection.
• Temp range:-20℃- 40℃, fast and powerful cooling capacity, 7 minutes cooling from room temp to 4℃. Temp can kept at max speed.
• Up to 9 program storage capacity according to experimental needs.
• Three-layer sealed rotors ensare airtightness and biosafety.
• High-strength aluminum alloy withstand numerous high temperature and high pressure sterilizations.
• Five rotors with 0.2mL, 0.5mL, 1.5mL, 2mL and 5mL centrifuge tubes/ PCR tubes capacity.
• An external condensation tank prevents water accumulation within the centrifuge chamber.
• Rotor imbalance detection alar

Specifications D1524R
Max. Speed 15,000rpm (200-15,000rpm) in 100rpm increments.
Max. RCF 21,380×g, step: 10×g
Capacity 1.5/2mL×24, 0.5mL×36, PCR8×4, 5mL×12, 5mL×18.
Temperature setting  -20℃- 40℃
Timing 30s-99 min; HOLD (continuous running)
Motor Type DC brushless motor
Safety Performance Dual door lock, over-speed detection, over-temperature detection with Internal diagnosis system.
Power Requirements Single phase, 200-240V, 50Hz, 500W
Dimensions(mm) 332(Width) × 553(depth) × 283(height)
Weight 30kg
Acceleration and deceleration time 25s↑25s↓
Noise ≤56dB
Other functions Rotation speed/RCF switchover, inching operation, running process indicator, sound alert. Acceleration/ deceleration in 9 steps, program storage capacity.
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D1524R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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D1524R High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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